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  • Major in Physics

    With an emphasis on laboratory practice, the honours major in physics covers the fundamentals of mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics and subatomic particles. In your senior years, you will work on lab projects as part of cutting-edge faculty research and undertake specialized study in such areas as solid state, atomic, molecular and subatomic physics. Co-op available.
  • Nanoscience

    A dramatic transformation in science and technology is coming. The next fifty years will see new inventions, novel products, stunning medical advances, remarkable energy solutions, and creative answers to controlling and understanding biological processes - and nanoscience is making them all possible. More information is also available on the Nanoscience Program website.
  • Theoretical Physics

    With more mathematics courses than a standard physics major, you will gain the advanced mathematical agility required to work in modern theoretical physics. Apply your special expertise to fields as diverse as black-hole structure calculations, superconductor theory, or stock market analysis.
  • Chemical Physics

    For the benefit of hybrid learning, physics and chemistry are combined in this major, which includes classes in such areas as the quantum mechanical basis of molecular structure and materials science. Working in the laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, you will acquire skills and knowledge of a variety of techniques, including x-ray diffraction and nuclear magnetic resonance. Co-op available.
  • Biological and Medical Physics

    Structural biology. Biochemistry. Neurophysiology. Nuclear medicine. Medical Imaging. Biological and medical physics interact with all these unique disciplines and utilize physical science knowledge and practices to enrich understanding. Courses in biophysics, biochemistry, radiation, and physical methods in medicine and biology (added to core physics courses) provide excellent training for careers in radiation biophysics, clinical research, neuroscience and medicine. Co-op available.

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