Physics Observatory Telescope

Physics Department Observatory Telescope

The new telescope in our observatory is a 14" diameter, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Celestron C-14 mounted on an Astro-Physics GTO 1200 mount. The telescope has a focal length of 3910 mm, is f/11 without a reducer (f/7 with), and has four eyepieces available for use. The telescope is used by our astronomy classes in the fall and by the Astronomy Club.

Senior student projects, using our SBIG ST-9 CCD camera, are a further use of the facility. Astrophotography, and variable stars have been two recent projects.

NOTE: Public tours of the Observatory have been indefinitely suspended.

How to get to the Observatory

  1. Go to the MacNaughton Building
  2. Take the elevator to the 5th floor
  3. Climb stairs to roof

Telescope Astrophotographs

Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger view:

  • Whirlpool galaxy
  • Whirlpool galaxy - another view
  • Crab Nebula
  • Orion Nebula
  • Diffuse spiral galaxy
  • Diffuse spiral galaxy
  • Jupiter and 4 moons
  • Ring Nebula
  • Dumbbell Nebula
  • Globular cluster
  • Mars