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Polysaccharide Nanoparticles

In one of our fundamental research projects, we made a serendipitous discovery of a new type of monodisperse polysaccharide nanoparticle that has many desirable properties: the particles are non-toxic and biodegradable, and they are easily dispersed in water, yielding dispersions with long term stability and no significant viscosity at relatively high concentrations. Dispersions of the particles are very efficient at scattering light and, when dried on surfaces, form stable, transparent films. The uniform surface properties of the particles make them ideal for chemical functionalization which further broadens their uses.

We pursue both fundamental research on the properties of the particles and the development of product prototypes for use in a variety of different industrial formulations. This latter activity has led to the founding of a startup company, Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc., which is currently focusing on the preparation of unique ingredients for the Personal Care and Nutrition sectors. Biomedical applications of the technology are being commercialized by another start-up company, Glysantis, which is active in preclinical research and development of novel nano-medicines. Through their proprietary NanoGlys platform, Glysantis is developing therapies for a wide range of clinical applications.

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