Electricity and Magnetism II


This course is a continuation of fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism I, PHYS 2460.


The emphasis in this course is to continue building the foundation of classical Physics that students need in their progress toward the frontier of modern Physics research. The 2nd aim of this course is to strengthen the problem-solving skills of students, which will be invaluable regardless of their future career path. This course is focused on the extension of electromagnetic theory to magnetism, the understanding of the transient response of passive circuits, and the solution of alternating current circuit problems.

Material Covered

Magnetic forces and fields. Magnetism as a relativistic effect. LRC transients and A.C. circuits. Magnetic materials. Solutions of the Biot-Savart Equation. Ampere's Law. Magnetic induction, inductance and magnetic energy. Faraday's and Lenz's Laws.

Planning Your Program

Who should take this course?

All students majoring in Honours Physics programs including Biophysics and all Co-op Physics programs.