Modern Physics


Radiation Detection

  • Various scalers, ratemeters, detectors, sources, and absorbers available

Detecting Potassium-40 in a Room

  • Northern analyzer and sodium iodide detector

The Hot Balloon (Radon Detection)

  • Scaler, thin window GM tube, balloon

Photoelectric Effect (Electrostatic Charge)

  • Projection electroscope
  • Ultraviolet light 

Fluorescence and Phosphorescence

  • Fluorescent minerals, liquids and household items under ultraviolet lamp
  • Set of Cenco phosphorescent tubes


  • Klinger ball and stick models: copper, magnesium, graphite II, gallium arsenide, sodium chloride, cesium chloride

Electron Diffraction

  • Electron diffraction apparatus with carbon target

Hearing and Seeing Infrared

  • Amplifier, speaker, silicon solar cell, and TV remote control (hearing)
  • Using TV camera (seeing)


  • Holographic diffraction gratings for individual use; many light sources and gas discharge tubes
  • Holographic diffraction grating for TV camera

Cloud Chamber

  • Saturated alcohol vapour cooled with dry ice; visible tracks from beta source

Half Life of Copper

  • Measure half life of copper activated by a neutron source using a scaler and GM tube


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