Electricity and Magnetism


Basic Electrostatics

Equipment available for use includes:

  • Dodd-Struthers electrostatic generator, discharge fork and capacitor
  • Pithballs, graphite coated ping pong balls
  • Leyden jars
  • Parallel plates
  • Cat's fur & ebonite rods
  • Glass rods & silk 
  • Rayotron Van de Graff generator

Basic Electricity & Magnetism

  • Various batteries, power supplies, rheostats, circuit boards, overhead projection meters, etc., available
  • A small series-parallel circuit board with 2 lamps & a switch
  • Various magnets available (bar, horseshoe, cylindrical, neodymium), also compasses and compass needles
  • Tesla coil
  • Cutaway display motor

Magnetic Field Lines Around a Wire

  • Car battery & wire, iron filings & compass needle

Magnetic Repulsion

  • Magnetron - spin one rotor and observe; commercially made pair of magnetically levitated three-armed rotors;  magnets at arms end set to always repel

Motion of an Electron in a Uniform Magnetic Field

  • Old CRO & bar magnet

Deflection in Magnetic Field

  • Battery eliminator & copper wire loop, strong horseshoe magnet

Electromagnetic Induction

  • Primary & secondary coils with soft iron core - Cenco #79750, overhead projection meter
  • Induction using a flashbulb

Magnetic Force (parallel wires which repel when current flows)

  • Transformer, wire loop & switch

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

  • Large suspended coil, bar magnet

Electric Field Lines (using grass seed)

  • Use #2 from Demi-Dubs video or Electric Fields video


  • Hand cranked generator and magnets used to light small bulb and deflect meter
  • Arbor Sci. - P3-3700 - Dynamo hand-powered flashlight

Lenz's Law

  • Cenco #32691 Lenz's Law apparatus
  • Cenco #32687 Eddy current experiment
  • Shop-made metallic bobs and large permanent magnet

Step Up - Step Down Transformer

  • May be taken apart - comes with 4 different coils

Dependence of resistance on geometry and conductivity

  • 2 different diameter lucite tubes of seawater

Faraday's, Ampere's, Lenz' Laws

  • Magnetic circuit demonstrator made by University of Waterloo


  • Commercially made magnetically levitating axle which spins in a state of near perpetual motion


  • Kit to demonstrate the Meissner Effect (Levitation)
  • There is a portable digital CRO with a TV camera available to be connected to the video system in large classrooms or a monitor in small classrooms. Necessary power supplies, generators, circuit boards, and components to wire most common electronic circuits are available. Various speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and tape equipment are also available.
(heartbeat display)
  • Display CRO, power supplies & differential amplifier
Lissajous Figures
  • CRO and 2 signal generators 
  • Two metal plates with glass plate in between
  • 680 uF capacitor which can be discharged with pronounced snap
Photovoltaic / Piezoelectric
  • Small demonstration kit from Arbor Scientific

Jacob's Ladder

  • Cenco H.V. transformer with rabbit-ear electrodes

Lighting a Neon Tube

  • Neon discharge tube and Cenco H.V. transformer with rabbit-ear electrodes

World's Smallest Engine

  • Battery with curled electrodes, coil to fit electrodes, bar magnet
  • Commercial model

Seeing Alternating Current

  • Neon bulb on an AC power cord

Measurement of E/M

  • Leybold fine beam tube in Helmholtz coils - suitable for viewing in dark room by small classes or enhanced by TV for larger classes

Moving Water with No Moving Parts

  • Force on moving electric charges.

I2R Losses (Wire Fire)

  • Nichrome wire, iron wire and copper wire in series with a Variac; paper riders burn in order of decreasing resistance
  • The Pira resource directory for electricity and magnetism.

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