Fluid Mechanics


Laminar Flow (unrestricted and restricted)

  • Two layered acrylic cell set on an overhead; while water flows through cell, food colouring is injected into the flow

Hydrostatic Paradox - Pascal's Law

  • Homemade connected glass reservoirs

Cartesian Diver

  • Weighted pen cap in soap bottle (Bi-Stable)
  • Normal diver in tube 

Bernoulli's Principle

  • Blower, hose, ping-pong ball
  • Blower, hose, cork, glass tube and metal disc 
  • Venturi tube with glass manometers (antique)
  • Two suspended light bulbs
  • Water spray
  • Sound Pipe:  twirl and vacuum up small bits of paper


  • Magdeburg hemispheres

Molecular Dynamics

  • Molecular dynamics simulator (used on overhead projector)

Equation of Continuity   (Velocity of a Fluid Through a Constricted Tube)

  • Water pump, overhead and special glass tube

Vortex Generator

  • Large plastic bottle with hole in one end; tap bottle on side to blow out candle
  • Zero launcher - makes fog rings

Surface Tension

  • Wire shapes and soap solution
  • Needles, water, and overhead projector
  • 3-way valve and soap solution
  • String loop in a wire frame and soap solution

Capillary Action

  • Capillary tubes and reservoir - Cenco #73780

Reduced Air Pressure Influencing a Balloon

  • Harbottle (open-ended glass bottle with a balloon and a stopper)

Collapsible Can (Atmospheric Pressure)

  • Pop can or maple syrup can with boiling water

Measuring Blood Pressure

  • Sphygmomanometer/electronic digital blood pressure and pulse monitor

 Archimedes' Principle

  • Lower a supported dowel into a beaker of water on a pan balance


  • The Pira resource directory for fluid mechanics.

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