• Various mercury and alcohol thermometers
  • Ear thermometer - measures infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue

Radiant Heat -
Differential Absorption

  • Crooke's radiometer - Cenco #77640


  • Heated water & potassium permanganate

Heat Conduction

  • Solid copper strip, wax & steel nuts

Low Temperature - Cryogenics

  • Fun with liquid nitrogen - with tubing, balloons, and racquet balls
  • Superconductor kit
  • Making ice cream

Kinetic Theory

  • Molecular dynamics simulator

Hayward's Engine

  • Aluminum wheel with rubber band spokes run by a heat lamp (this is an updated design by Dr. J.R. Stevens, Guelph, of a 1956 engine)

Stirling Engine

  • Commercial Stirling engine/fan assembly with hotplate


  • Done on overhead with salt solution and food colouring

Heat of Fusion

  • Hand warmer, water and thermometer

Heat of Vaporization

  • The 'drinking' bird


  • The Pira resource directory for thermodynamics.

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