Fundamental Laws of Optics

  • Various apparatus for basic optics available including: lenses, lasers, prisms, polaroid filters, coloured filters, mirrors, mica plate, quarter-wave plate, gratings, apertures, slits, mesh screen, optical benches & accessories, spectrum discharge tubes, fluorescent minerals, light sources, and holographic diffraction gratings for individual use.
  • Spectra demonstration (astronomy) - Various light sources and holographic diffraction gratings for individual viewing.
  • Holographic diffraction grating for T.V. camera.
  • Mounted display of internal parts of 2 lasers.
  • Rainbow peephole - mounted crossed holographic gratings.

Ray Optics Laser System (PASCO SE-8506)

  • 5 beam laser ray box with optical accessories for reflection, refraction, lens and mirror properties, optical devices, eye model, telescope, camera

Inverse Square Law

  • Large & small pyramid model available

Psychological Colours

  • Black & white patterned disc appears coloured when rotated.
  • Lucite version for overhead projector

Laser Optics Kit

  • Arbor Sci. adapters for diffraction, polarization, fresnel, special effects including spider web


  • Holly - walk past and see her throw you a kiss

Michelson Interferometer

  • Setting up interference fringes

Thin Film Interference - Pohl's Apparatus

  • Green laser, mercury lamp, mica sheet

Laser Light Show

  • Basic nature of laser light
  • Producing Lissajous figures
  • Seeing music

Light Absorption and Beer's Law

  • Red and green lasers and fishbowls with blue coloured water


Optics in the Sky

  • Creating a rainbow with a water-filled glass ball


  • Laser, fish bowl, small aquarium

Wavelength Comparison

  • Red and green laser, fine mesh screen


  • Pira resource directory for optics

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