Refraction of Light Demonstration Source
by Phillip Dukes @ Brigham Young University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Things To Try

  1. The incident angle can be varied from 0 to 85 degrees. (In 5 degree increments using the +-5 buttons.)
  2. The index of refraction of the first medium is fixed at n=1.00.
  3. The index of refraction of the second medium can be varied from n=1.00 (for vaccuum) to a maximum of n=2.42 (for diamond). (Selectable by pulldown menu.)
  4. The incident wavelength (and color of light) can be varied from a minimum of 475 nm (blue light) to a maximum of 650 nm (red light). (In 15 nm increments using the +-15 buttons.)
  5. Notice that the refracted wavelength is shortened by a factor of 1/n.