BIG Admissions

The admission requirement for our MSc program is a 4 year undergraduate degree in science or engineering with at least a B- average, or an equivalent qualification. For the PhD program the admission requirement is a Masters degree in a relevant discipline with at least a B average. Applications from students who have obtained their prior training from universities abroad will be assessed on an individual basis for equivalency considerations. Please see Graduate Studies' Application Requirements for the official description of admission requirements.

Both, our MSc and our PhD programs are research focused. Therefore, in addition to meeting the academic requirements, we can only admit students for whom we have a supervisor. Interested applicants are encouraged to browse our web-pages (and other web-pages at the University of Guelph) and identify potential supervisors prior to applying. Alternatively, we can try to connect students with prospective supervisors based on research interests.

Some home departments have also funding requirements that must be met before an admission offer can be made.

In any case, a final admission decision can only be made based on a complete formal application.

For more and official information on admission and the application process, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies.