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Physics for the Biological Sciences 3rd and 4th Ed.


F.R. Hallett, J.L. Hunt, E.L. McFarland

G.H. Renninger, R.H. Stinson and D.E. Sullivan

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Chapter topics:

Chapter 1:Vibrations and Waves

Chapter2:Sound, Hearing and Echolocation

Chapter 3:Light and the Optics of Vision

Chapter 4:Absorption and Emission of Light by Molecules

Chapter 5:Quantum Nature of Vision

Chapter 6:Radiation Biophysics

Chapter 7:Mechanics of Biological Systems: Kinematics

Chapter 8:Mechanics of Biological Systems: Forces and Motion

Chapter 9;Mechanics of Biological Systems: Rotational Motion

Chapter 10:Elasticity and Scaling

Chapter 11:Fluid Statics

Chapter 12:Fluid Dynamics

Chapter 13:Thermal Motion of Molecules

Chapter 14:Heat and Heat Flow in Biological Systems

Chapter 15:Electricity

Chapter 16:Magnetism (4th Edition only)