Physics Club to attempt Guinness World Record at Science Olympics

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Johnston Green


Scientist making Elephant Toothpaste

The University of Guelph Physics and Astronomy Club has their eyes set on making their way into the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records.
Many parents have seen their children’s version of Elephant’s Toothpaste, a mixture of peroxide, soap and a catalyst that results in an exciting eruption of safe, soapy foam.

The Physics Club has designs on a much larger version.

The intrepid record breakers have scaled up the common children’s table top version to a 25 gallon drum, hoping to generate over 13 cubic metres of foam in a matter of seconds to set a new Guinness World Record for the LARGEST Elephant’s Toothpaste ever created.

“Our goal is to not only break a Guinness World Record” says Orbax, Science Communication Officer for the Department of Physics, “but also to inspire the next generation of scientists by giving them an exciting, fun, and once in a lifetime opportunity to witness something of this magnitude.”

The stunt will take place on May 9th at 11:45 am on Johnston Green as part of the Science Olympics. Special thanks to Fisher Scientific!

The event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Join us as we try to make history!

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