MSc Defense: Searching for Shape Coexistence with 123Te(n,γ) Thermal Neutron Capture

Date and Time


MACN 318


MSc Candidate

Erin McGee


Shape coexistence has been established in several nuclei in the Z=50 region of the chart of nuclides, but tellurium has thus far not been definitively characterized. In an attempt to characterize the structure of 124Te, a measurement of the 123Te(n,γ) reaction was made using FIPPS, the Fission Prompt Product γ-ray Spectrometer, at the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France. A very high statistics data set was obtained, with on the order of 108 counts in the 2+1→ 0+0 transition. γ-γ coincidence data were analyzed. Particular interest was given to the 1647 keV excited 0+ state, as a potential intruder state. B(E2) values were calculated for transitions from an elevated 2+ state that directly feeds this suspected 0+ intruder state.

Examination Committee 

  • Dr. Xiaorong Qin, Chair
  • Dr. Paul Garrett, Advisor
  • Dr. Dennis Mücher
  • Dr. Robert Wickham

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