MSc Thesis Presentation: Neutron matter with skyrme functionals in a periodic external field

Date and Time


MACN 318


MSc Candidate

Samuel Martinello


As a basis for the understanding of both the structure of neutron stars as well as their dynamics in neutron star mergers and their contributions to nucleosynthesis, we provide insight into the composition of neutron matter in a neutron star's crust. We discuss the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock model for infinite neutron matter in the presence of a periodic external field. We study the Skyrme effective interaction and discuss its benefits as well as its limitations in providing an effective model. We are able to compute the energies, densities, wavefunctions as well as the linear density-density response functions for infinite neutron matter across a wide range of initial system configurations. Finally, we are able to establish these methods as an effective yet simple model for studying large nuclear systems.

Examination Committee

  • Dr. Xiaorong Qin, Chair
  • Dr. Alexandros Gezerlis, Advisor
  • Dr. Liliana Caballero
  • Dr. Elisabeth Nicol

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