MSc Thesis Presentation: Self-Force From Conical Singularity, Without Renormalization

Date and Time


Via videoconference, for instructions to join please contact: by May 22, 2020


MSc Candidate

Michael Lahaye


The static self-force was calculated previously using methods that had two flaws: they could not account for gravitational effects in the system, and they used a process called regularization, which is complicated and therefore limiting. We developed a novel method of calculating the static self-force that resolves these issues. The proposed method uses strings to hold the objects static. The total force on a given object is then measured by way of the tension in the string holding it. Vilenkin’s relation allows this tension to be found from properties of the surrounding space; namely the angular deficit. To show this method’s efficacy we performed calculations of the static self-force for electric monopoles/dipoles and scalar multipoles in a Schwarzschild background. We then showed that this method can be applied to bodies with physical extension and finally, by introducing an additional potential, systems involving massive fields.

Examination Committee

  • Dr. Xiaorong Qin, Chair
  • Dr. Eric Poisson, Advisor
  • Dr. Huan Yang
  • Dr. Daniel Siegel

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