MSc Thesis Presentation: Nucleonic Interaction and Neutrino Spectra in Neutron Star Merger Events

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Rajan Anderson-Dornan


Nucleonic interactions effect the transport of neutrinos when matter is sufficiently dense. One such place where matter is very dense are in neutron star mergers. Merger events release large amounts of neutrinos as a cooling mechanism which drive many important processes. A neutrino surface can be defined in analogy to the photosphere of stars where an equivalent black body would radiate the same amount of energy. We investigate how modelling the nucleonic matter using different methods affects the neutrino surface, as well as the neutrino spectra of ’beyond surface neutrinos’.

Examination Committee

  • Dr. Ralf Gellert, Chair
  • Dr. Liliana Caballero, Advisor
  • Dr. Robert Wickham
  • Dr. Carl Svensson

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