MSc Defense: Final Oral Examination for the Degree Master of Science of Brendan Bulthuis

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Time: 11:00 a.m.
  • Location: MacN 222

Thesis Title:

"Pairing Correlations in Heavy Nuclei near the Proton Dripline"


Nucleons in most nuclei tend to form pairing correlations in the ground state through the spin-singlet channels, with like-particle pairs making up the majority of these. In contrast, we know that the spin-triplet interaction is stronger than the spinsinglet interaction. This discrepancy has motivated much study in the past, and has not yet been resolved conclusively. Recent investigations into ground states of heavy (A > 100) nuclei have revealed a possibility of some nuclei near the proton dripline exhibiting spin-triplet ground states or possibly a mixed-pairing state. However, these investigations excluded some mean-field terms in the Hamiltonian. In this work, I reintroduce those terms and examine the effects of their inclusion. I also study the nature of the mixed pairing state and look into possible reasons for the aforementioned discrepancy. Additionally, I examine the dependence of my results on detailed features of the Hamiltonian.

Examination Committee:

Dr. Xiaorong Qin, Chair

Dr. Alexandros Gezerlis, Advisor

Dr. Carl Svensson