Graduate Studies

Our department provides opportunities for graduate study with world-leading researchers in many areas of physics. Our 19 faculty members at Guelph include many prize winning and internationally renowned scientists and educators, and provide a stimulating environment for advanced learning. Most of our faculty are very research intensive, and our research has been well funded with over $7M annually in recent years.

We have a current graduate enrollment of about 40 students, with the goal of increasing this number over the next several years. Our graduate programmes are administered through the Graduate Studies in Physics, University of Guelph, University of Waterloo and the Biophysics Interdepartmental Group (BIG), with graduate courses taught by instructors from both Guelph and Waterloo campuses. We can thus offer a large number of specialized courses in addition to the one-on-one interaction with the supervisor.

Whether you are a current Guelph student, from another Canadian University, or International student, we are actively seeking enthusiastic and well-motivated graduate students in all areas. You are strongly encouraged to contact faculty directly to inquire about specific research projects and opportunities for further study.

Programs Offered:

Program Graduate Calendar Details
Master of Science (MSc) - Graduate Studies in Physics, University of Guelph MSc (GWPI) Program Overview
Master of Science (MSc) - Biophysics Interdepartmental Graduate Program MSc (BIG) Program Overview
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Graduate Studies in Physics, University of Guelph PhD (GWPI) Program Overview
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Biophysics Interdepartmental Graduate Program PhD (BIG) Program Overview