Biophysics Interdepartmental Group

The Biophysics Interdepartmental Group offers a unique interdisciplinary graduate program with a strong focus on basic research in biological physics, both at the MSc and PhD level. Unlike core graduate programs in basic sciences such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology, BIG is very flexible in accepting students from various undergraduate educational backgrounds (that is, you do not need a degree in Physics or Biophysics to enter the program) and is ideal for students who want to broaden the scope of their education and research experience.

The student experience is aided by participation of research-intensive faculty from the Departments and Schools of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Molecular and Cell Biology, Integrative Biology, Food Science, Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, and others.

To match the interdisciplinary character of research and various student backgrounds, course selection is very flexible as well, as there is only one required core course in Biophysics, and other courses can be taken from any department, as deemed necessary for students' research.

The Department of Physics is a major stakeholder in the BIG graduate program, having the largest number of its students. The Physics faculty members participating in BIG focus their experimental and computational research on topics related to biological membranes and use very advanced infrastructure, including such cutting-edge equipment as solid-state NMR spectrometers, Atomic Force Microscopes, Optical Tweezers, Infrared and Raman spectrometers, supercomputers, and many others.

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Key Contacts

  • Dr. Hermann Eberl
    Director, Biophysics Interdepartmental Program
    Office: MacNaughton 508
    Phone: (519) 824-4120x52622
  • Janice Ilic
    Graduate Program Assistant
    Office: MacNaughton 207
    Phone: (519) 824-4120x 58176