Winter 2018 Graduate Course Offerings

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Outline(s) Course Website
PHYS*7030 Quantum Field Theory Alexandros Gezerlis
PHYS*7060 Electromagnetic Theory James Martin
PHYS*7140 Nonlinear Optics Donna Strickland
PHYS*7160 Special Topics in Subatomic and Nuclear Physics Dennis Mücher
PHYS*7470 Optical Electronics David Yevick
PHYS*7510 Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine Janos Juhasz
PHYS*7510 Outline
PHYS*7510 Website
PHYS*7520 Molecular Biophysics Vladimir Ladizhansky
PHYS*7520 Outline
PHYS*7850 Quantum Field Theory for Cosmology Achim Kempf