J. L. Campbell Scholarship

Established in honour of J.L. (Iain) Campbell, former Provost and Vice-President (Academic), of the University of Guelph from 1995 to 2000 and former Dean of the College of Physical and Engineering Science from 1987 to 1995. Application is not required.

Iain Campbell was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and received B.Sc. and PhD degrees from Glasgow University.  He emigrated to Canada in 1968 to join Guelph’s Physics Department.  He was Director of the Guelph Waterloo Physics Institute from 1984 to 1987, Dean of CPES from 1987 to 1995, and Provost and Vice-President Academic from 1995 to 2000.  He received an honorary DSc from Glasgow University in 1982, an honorary DTech from the University of Lund in Sweden in 1997, and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in 2003.  He was honoured as University Professor Emeritus and awarded the University’s Medal of Merit.  He is well known internationally for his work in Proton Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE), and the computer software GUPIX developed by Campbell’s group has been supplied to over 140 ion beam analysis laboratories in 30 countries.

Amount: One award of $1,000.

Qualifications: Student who is currently registered in one of the majors in Physics and who has completed at least 12.50 credits, with a high cumulative average (at least 80%) in the required Physics courses normally taken in Year 2 and 3 of the major.


Year Winner
2021 Victoria Leaker
2020 Jay Florica
2019 Chandler Ross
2018 Lia Formenti
2017 Erin McGee
2016 Paula Boubel
2015 Lauren Taylor
2014 Shaun Pepper
2013 Jonathon Schulz-Beach
2012 Hannah Mulcahy
2011 Alissa Tedesco
2010 Cameron Harrop
2009 Kent Fisher
2008 Meaghan Ward
2007 Chad Smithson
2006 William Brown-Bury
2005 Keri McQuinn
2004 Nathan Killoran
2003 Keith Ladouceu
2002 Bronwyn Hyland
2001 Robert Martin