J.B. Reynolds Graduation Medal in Physics

Amount: One award of a medal.

This medal is awarded to a graduating student in the Spring semester or the previous Fall or Winter Semesters. Application is not required.

Qualifications: Student who has completed semester 8 of any of the majors in Physics and who has obtained the highest cumulative average in the required Physics courses of that program, normally taken in semester 5 to 8.


Year Winners
2021 Ryan Curry
Jay Florica
2020 Liam Schmidt
2019 Devin Hymers
Lia Formenti
2018 Daniel Hortelano-Roig
2017 Eric Bergmann
2016 William Dawkins
2015 Mateusz Buraczynski
2014 Hillary Dawkins
2013 Stephen Glazier
2012 Matthew O'Halloran
2011 Andrew S. Jamieson
2010 Jonathan Grossauer
2009 Kyle Manchee
2008 Amanda O'Halloran
2007 Patrick J. Bonnick
2006 Colleen Bailey
2005 Adam Pound
2004 Illya Tolokh
2003 Shawn Fostner
Andrew Phillips
2002 Michael Parent
Anne Liptak
2001 Michael  Fleischauer
2000 Erin Barnett
1999 Lauren MacArthur
1998 Theodore Hopman
Hendrick De Haan
1997 Jennifer Medlock
Marc Allard