MacNaughton Scholarship

Established by Earl B. MacNaughton, former head of the Department of Physics and founding Dean of the College of Physical Science. Application is not required.

Earl B. MacNaughton was born in Maple, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Physics and joined the Department of Physics in 1948. MacNaughton was instrumental in redesigning the physics curriculum and promoting research. He became the Head of Physics in 1956 and was Head of Physics & Math from 1961 to 1967.  In 1964 the University of Guelph was created, and MacNaughton soon became Associate Dean of Wellington College (1966-1970), and then Dean of the College of Physical Science from 1970-1981.  This building was named after him in 1986 for his outstanding contributions to the University as an educator and an academic administrator.  Dr. MacNaughton, was in his 96th year when he  died January 5, 2015.

Amount: One award of $500.

Qualifications: Student who has completed semester 5 and is currently registered in one of the majors in Physics and has a high cumulative average (at least 80%) in the required Physics courses normally taken in semesters 3, 4 and 5 of the major.


Year Winner
2021 Ryan Curry
2020 Ephraim (Gabe) Dublin
2019 Conner Zmudzki
2018 Kristine Keon
2017 Rebecca Frederick
2016 Dylan Kisliuk
2015 Perry Mahon
2014 Andrew Finlay
2013 Stephen Glazier
2012 Boris Pavlovic
2011 Adrian Vantyghem
2010 Corina Nantais
2009 Aidan Brown
2008 Natasha Holmes
2007 Dale Edwards
2006 David Hogenbirk
2005 Emilia Iles
2004 Adam Pound
2003 Christopher Shurson
2002 Andrew Phillips
2000 Robert McPhail