Marie Curie Scholarship in Physics

Established in honour of a distinguished Physics Professor Emeritus. Selection will be made to the student with highest cumulative average. Award may be held only once. No application required.

Ten years after obtaining her Masters in Physics in 1893, Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in Physics along side her husband Pierre, and Henri Becquerel for their work on radioactivity and became the first woman to be awarded this prize.  In 1911 she was awarded a second Nobel Prize, this time in Chemistry. One of the most famous female scientists, Marie Curie’s legacy continues to live on today.

This award is made possible by a generous anonymous donation and is given to a fourth year student with the highest cumulative average and is not tenable with any other Department of Physics Scholarship. 

Amount: One award of $1,500

Qualifications: Students registered in any major offered by the Department of Physics who have completed a minimum of 15.0 credits and have achieved a minimum of 80% cumulative average.


Year Winner
2021 Anton Naim Ibrahim
2020 Liam Schmidt
2019 Devin Hymers
2018 Daniel Hortelano-Roig
2017 Charlie Pham
2016 William Dawkins
2015 Mateusz Buraczynski