Nanoscience Third Year Scholarship

Amount: Two awards of $1,000. 

Qualifications: A student who is currently registered in the third year of the B.Sc. Nanoscience program and who has completed between 12.50 and 14.75 credits, with a cumulative average of at least 80%. 

Application not required. 


Year Winners
2021 Kelvin Olivares
Jonathan Quintal
Emily Wedde
2020 Benjamin Morling
Ethan Watt
2019 Raoul Vaz
2018 Aidan Maxwell
Nicholas Van Heijst
2017 Blair Tokiwa
2016 Joseph Cirone
Sara Matthews
2015 Megan Cowie
Jordan Atchison
2014 Steven Large
Michael Zon
2012 Grant Walters
Amy Frederick
2011 Isdin Oke
Lukas Stille