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Professor Martin Williams Receives Recognition at the SSC-UAIC Reception

Professor Martin Williams was among the honored invitees at the "Recognition of the Contribution of Teaching Reception" presented by the Student Senate Caucus & the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre. The reception, held on Monday March 31st, recognized contributions made to the academic experience and celebrated the importance of teaching in post-secondary education. Professor Williams was nominated by Ms. Anita Acai, a Bachelor of Science student.

Ms. Anita Acai had the following to say about Professor Williams in her nomination:

Prof. Martin Williams receives Central Student Association's Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Martin William was awarded a Central Student Association's Teaching Excellence Award this year at the Student Life Awards Banquet held on Thursday March 22nd from 7-10 PM in the Science Atrium.

The Central Student Association (CSA), representing all undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, values highly the important role that outstanding instructors provide to undergraduate education. Established in 1990, the CSA's Teaching Excellence Award endeavors to provide recognition and appreciation for the contributions of outstanding instructors to teaching and learning.

UoG physics alumnus, Glenn Wagner, wins 2011 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP

The 2011 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics - Ontario will be awarded to Mr. Glenn Wagner, Centre Wellington DHS (Centre Wellington, ON), his skill at using differentiated teaching methods to significantly improve student performance. Glenn has established himself as a teacher that draws students into physics. A master at differentiated instruction, Glenn incorporates a broad range of teaching strategies such as peer instruction, interdependent group work, concept mapping, and problem-based learning methods in his classroom.

Congratulations to Prof. Joanne O’Meara, winner of 2011 CAP Medal for Excellence

The 2011 CAP Medal for Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Physics will be awarded to Joanne O'Meara, University of Guelph, for her outstanding and innovative work in the classroom, impressive range of engagement in physics education research, and her broad reaching impact beyond the walls of her own classes, from the primary school level on up to the development of a national university-level physics curriculum.

CONGRATULATIONS JOANNE! Prof. Joanne O'Meara receives Special Merit Award from Faculty Association

Congratulations to Professor Joanne O'Meara, who just received a Special Merit Award from the Faculty Association. The award was handed out yesterday, during a lovely reception hosted at the University Club. During her short speech, Joanne thanked Ernie McFarland for preparing the nomination, and the entire Department for nurturing her efforts to improve Physics education. This award is a tremendous source of pride for the Department.

Joanne was selected for the award in recognition of her impressive contributions to University teaching.

Well done Joanne!

Prof. Joanne O'Meara to receive Special Merit Teaching Award

Congratulations to Prof. Joanne O'Meara, who will be the recipient of the 2009 University of Guelph Faculty Association Special Merit Teaching Award for the College of Physical & Engineering Science. The award will be presented in October when the Faculty Association hosts a wine and cheese reception devoted to honoring teaching award winners.

Professor Ernie McFarland to be awarded the JOHN BELL AWARD for 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Ernie McFarland who will be awarded the John Bell Award for 2009 during the convocation week June 8 - 11, 2009. The John Bell Award recognizes demonstrated outstanding educational leadership while a the University of Guelph. The award is made in honour of Professor John Bell who served the University with distinction from 1972 to 1987.

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