Congratulations to Paul Finlay and Evan Rand!

Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010

Congratulations to Paul Finlay, who was awarded first place (and 1000 Euro) for the best talk by a graduate student, and Evan Rand, who was awarded second place in the graduate student poster competition, at the International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC) held in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 4-10.  The INPC, which was attended by approximately 800 delegates from around the world, is held every three years and is the largest international research conference covering all areas of nuclear physics.  Paul Finlay's award-winning talk presented An Ultra-High Precision Half-Life Measurement for the Superallowed Beta+ Emitter 26Al, and Evan Rand's poster presented GEANT4 Simulations for the Radon Electric Dipole Moment Search at TRIUMF.

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