Congratulations to Phys Phest 2011 award winners!

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Phys Phest, a symposium of talks by M.Sc. students who are completing their first year in our program, was held on September 7th.

The audience was treated to eight excellent presentations on a diverse range of high-quality research. The presentations were judged by members of the audience.

First prize was awarded to Kyle Reiter for his presentation, "Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging of the Enzymatic Degradation of Cellulose Fibers".

Second prize was awarded to Alex Laffoley for his presentation, "High-Precision Half-Life Measurement of Na-26 with a Fast Plastic Scintillator".

Third prize was awarded to Emily Ritz for her presentation, "Determining the Solvent Accessible Regions of Proteorhodopsin using Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Proton Exchange Experiments".

The Department of Physics is extremely proud of all of the participants!

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