Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity launches successfully

Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2011

The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity launched successfully on Saturday November 26th, at 10:02 AM EST. See the official NASA page for more information and updates(External Link) on this mission.

Research from the APXS team - Profs. Ralf Gellert and Iain Campbell, research associate Nick Boyd, graduate students Scott van Bommel and Glynis Perrett, and major projects manager Mike Curry - plays a crucial role in this mission. Below are the latest examples of widespread media coverage their work has received:


  • CBC News: Canadian contribution(External Link) (segment on the successful liftoff from CBC's The National)
  • CBC News: Mars Canadian Content(External Link) (in-depth interview with Prof. Iain Campbell on the history and function of the Alpha-particle X-Ray Spectrometer)
  • The Globe and Mail: Inside Curiosity, the new Mars rover(External Link) (Prof. Ralf Gellert talks about the rover and its potential for discovery)


View the following video from NASA for background on the mission:

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