Stories by 5 U of G Physics Students Will Be Featured on Science Borealis this Spring

Through one of their assignments this semester in PHYS*4300, five U of G undergraduate physics students will soon have a wider audience with whom to share their stories. PHYS*4300 students were required to write a pitch for a story idea to Science Borealis, which was reviewed by their instructor, Joanne O’Meara, as well as the physics/astronomy editor at Science Borealis, Stephanne Taylor. Dr. Taylor completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics at U of G, and was enthusiastic about collaborating with her alma mater on this project. Stephanne had difficulty selecting only 5 from the 45 pitches submitted – congratulations to Anita Campanelli, Ethan Hough, Yiorgio Mathioudakis, Danielle St Jean, and Kaitlin Williams! We will post links to their stories as they appear on Science Borealis in the coming weeks.