2017 CPES Undergraduate Poster Session Winners

The winners of the CPES Undergraduate Poster Session, which was held on August 4th, 2017, are:

  • First Overall: Nawar Ismail (Physics) for his poster titled "Microscopic Simulations of Strongly Interacting Particles"
  • Second Overall: Aidan Maxwell (Physics) for his poster titled "Tuning the Size of Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles Through Acid Hydrolysis".
  • Third Overall: Kayvon Sanayei (Physics) for his poster titled "Developing expression and purification methods for novel microbial rhodopsins; steps towards understanding their functions and molecular mechanisms".

The prize for most visually appealing poster went to Jane Jaklic (Physics) for her poster titled "Integrating Modern Technology into Entry-level Physics Labs".

The prize for best group poster went to Taylor Fraser and Niamh Rafter (Physics) for their poster titled "Optimization of area detector geometry for quantitative High-Resolution Pair Distribution Function analysis of nanoparticle samples.".

A prize was also awarded for best poster presentation from each department to:

  • Brandon Edwards (Computer Science) for his presentation on "Using environmental agent-based modelling to simulate the breeding success of piping plovers"
  • Meghan Fragis (Engineering) for her presentation on "Cytotoxic Activity and Anticancer Potential of Ontario Grown Onion Extracts against Breast Cancer Cell Lines"
  • Josh van der Zalm (Chemistry) for his presentation on "Comparing UV-photooxidation and aqueous reduction methods for removing self-assembled monolayers to reclaim Au substrates"
  • Leanne Sargent (Physics) for her presentation on "Infrared Characterization of the Crosslinking Cross-Sectional Profile of Polyethylene Pipe"