Congratulations to the PhysPhest 2018 Winners!

Thanks to all students who participated in our annual PhsPhest event. It was a great day!

Best Ph.D. Talk :

Hurmiz Shamana, "Unusual Polysaccharide Rheology of Aqueous Dispersions of Soft Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles"

Best M.Sc. Talks :

1st: Jeff de Vlugt, "Identification of the sugars and lipids in the environment of an integral membrane protein"

2nd: Kate Charlesworth, "Phytoglycogen-Functionalized Gold Films for Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging"

3rd: Beau Greaves, "Investigation of High-Lying Resonances in 22Ne via High-Resolution Gamma Ray Spectroscopy in Inverse Kinematics"