125 Years of Physics

Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2020

MacNaughton Building concept sketch

2020 marks the 125th year of Guelph Physics!

Established in 1895, the Department of Physics has been part of the University of Guelph since the days when it was the Ontario Agricultural College. This year we will be celebrating Guelph Physics 125 with historical posts, events and outreach.

Going through the archives we discovered this original (and likely familiar) sketch from 1968. In 1969, Physics got its new home in the new 200 000 sq foot Physical Science Building (later named the MacNaughton building after Earl B MacNaughton, Physics Department Head from 1956-1961). This building was originally made to house the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Departments. Still the home of our Physics Department to this day, the MacNaughton building stands as testament to 125 years of Guelph Physics.

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