Physics of Music and Recording

  • Do it yourself Speakers for less than two dollars

    Students creating a do it yourself speakerA step-by-step guide to making your own loudspeaker with a magnet, some wire, a plastic water bottle and a plastic cup. Written by Bonnie Lasby. You can download the DIY speakers guide here.
  • Frequency Analyzer

    Screenshot of Relisoft's Frequency AnalyzerDownload freeware which allows you to visualize sounds and harmonics. You need a PC with soundcard and a computer microphone to speak into, or a .WAV file. Visit Reliable Software's Frequency Analyzer page to download the program.
  • Wave synthesis

    Online Wave Synthesizer screenshotOnline wave synthesizer, allowing you to hear and see harmonic wave patterns. Visit Schulphysik's Fourier Synthesis to use the synthesizer.