Gabriel Karl

Gabriel Karl

University Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Telephone: 519-824-4120 x53852


Office: MacN 433A

Research Activities

KEYWORDS: Theoretical particle physics, theoretical nuclear physics, general issues in theoretical physics.

Spectroscopy of hadrons and especially the spectroscopy of baryons using quark models with input from quantum chromodynamics. The behaviour of chromodynamics and the quark models in the limit of large numbers of colours. The behaviour of baryons and especially nucleons inside nuclear matter. Magnetic moments of baryons when free and when inside nuclear matter. Exotic forms of hadronic matter such as gluonia, multiquark hadrons and hybrid hadrons with quarks and gluons. Simple reaction mechanisms in hadronic physics involving quarks and gluons, especially in exclusive processes. The behaviour of cross sections of simple processes as a function of energy and angular momentum.
More general issues in theoretical physics which are investigated include parity violations in atoms and nuclei, parity violation in the propagation of neutrons through matter, the ground state of magnetic lattices and similar lattices of multipoles, the validity of the adiabatic approximation at short internuclear distances in molecules, Variational Principles in Classical and Quantum Mechanics.