James L. Hunt

Jim Hunt

Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Email: jlhunt@uoguelph.ca

Online: Research Page

Honours & Awards

  • OPAS Award for Excellence in Teaching With Technology, 2004
  • University Medal of Merit, 1999

Professional Activities

Since retirement I have shifted my interests to endeavours that are largely pedagogical.

  1. I am involved with the Office of Open Learning at the University in the writing and administration of on-line distance education courses in Physics and Astronomy. An Astronomy course for Arts and Social Science students regularly given as a lecture course has been written and offered, and a course for students entering University without high school Physics is being offered in the Winter. For this course, I was given the OPAS Award For Excellence in Teaching With Technology, 2004.
  2. I am preparing new material to be included in the next editions of the textbooks of which I am co-author.
  3. I am interested in certain topics that are historical and involve some linkage between the sciences and the arts; in particular the study and mathematical description of some classes of optical illusions. See:
    • Hunt, J.L., Nickel, B.G, and Gigault, C, Anamorphic Images Am. J. Phys.,68 pp 232-237 (2000)
    • Hunt, J.L., The Roget Illusion, the Anorthoscope and the Persistence of Vision Am. J. Phys. 71 pp774-777 (2003)
    • Hunt, J.L., The Channel Anamorphosis, J. of Math. and the Arts, Vol 3, pp 19-31 (2009)

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