Huan Yang

Dr. Huan yang
Assistant Professor
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 x53784
MacN 435D

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BSc Physics (2007) California Institute of Technology
PhD Physics (2013) California Institute of Technology, Supervisor: Yanbei Chen

After obtaining my PhD I became a post-doctoral fellow at Perimeter Institute between 2013 and 2016. Before coming to University of Guelph in 2017, I spent one year as a postdoc at Princeton University, working under the supervision of Frans Pretorius.

I have broad interest in theoretical astrophysics. In the past I have conducted research on quantum  optomechanics, quantum measurement, gravitational-wave detector physics, black hole theories, etc. My current research interest mainly focuses on gravitational wave astrophysics, embracing the major opportunity of discovery in astronomy brought by detections of gravitational waves.

  • Strong-field gravitational astrophysics. The objective is to unravel physics buried within the data, provide new insights to guide observations and propose methods to improve data quality. Part of my research projects are related to the dynamics of compact binary and triple systems, as well as their associated gravitational–wave emissions. I am also studying electromagnetic counterparts of binary neutron stars or neutron star-black hole mergers, in relation to future multi-messenger observations.  
  • Fundamental physics with strongly gravitating systems. The goal is to examine dynamical signatures of modified theories of gravity and methods to measure or constraint violations of General Relativity based on observed gravitational-wave data. Such a task also benefits from measurements using electromagnetic-wave telescopes, e.g., the Event Horizon Telescope.
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