Problem 10-31(a) Vector electric field - Part 4 - A

Diagram indicating the  positions of two particles.

The figure shows the positions of two a particles (charge on each is \(+2e\)) and an electron. What are the magnitude and direction of
(a) the resultant force on the electron?
(Hint: choose the \(+x\) axis along the line from the electron to the right-hand a particle.)

[Ans.(a) \(1.31 \times 10^{-8} N\) at \(13.3^\circ\) to left of line from electron to right-hand a]

Accumulated Solution

Coordinate diagram B Coordinate System C .


Diagram of F

What is the \(x\) component of \(F\)?

\(F_x = F \sin \theta\)

\(F_x = F \cos \theta\)