Problem 2-43 - Free fall - Part 5 (c)

A baseball pitcher throws a ball vertically straight upward and catches it \(4.2\; s\) later. (a) With what velocity did the ball leave the pitcher's hand? (b) What was the maximum height reached by the ball?


The final velocity equals the initial velocity in magnitude but is in the opposite direction.


Which equation relates \(\mathrm{v_y,}\) \(\mathrm{v_{0_y},}\) \(\mathrm{a_y}\) and \(\mathrm{t}\)?
(A)  \(\mathrm{v_y = v_{0_y} + a_yt}\)

(B)  \(\mathrm{y = y_0 + v_{0_y}t + ½ \;a_yt^2}\)

(C)  \(\mathrm{v_y{^2} - v_{0_y}{^2} = 2a_yy}\)