Problem 4-11 - Free fall - Part 2 - (A)

A ball is thrown from a balloon with an initial unknown velocity. The ball accelerates at \(\mathrm{9.80\;m/s^2}\) downward for \(\mathrm{2.00\; s}\), at which time its instantaneous velocity is \(\mathrm{24.0\; m/s}\) at an angle of \(\mathrm{45.0^\circ}\) below the horizontal. Determine the magnitude and direction of the initial velocity.

Accumulated Solution

\(\mathrm{v = v_0 + at}\)


The final velocity is given and the initial velocity is unknown.


We need a coordinate system in which to solve the problem. Which of the following is best (remember there is actually no incorrect one).

4 possible coordinate systems; A, B, C and D