Problem 4-54 - Projectile - D

A child throws a snowball straight toward a tree with a horizontal velocity of \(18\; m/s\). The tree is \(9.0\; m\) away and the snowball starts from a height of \(1.5\; m\) above the ground.

(a) How long will the snowball take to reach the tree?
(b) At what height above the ground will the snowball hit the tree?
(c) What is the snowball's velocity as it hits the tree?
[Ans. (a) \(0.50\; s\)   (b) \(0.3\; m\)   (c) \(19\; m/s\; 15^\circ\) down from the horizontal]

Accumulated Solution

Diagram of the accumulated solution.

Now we must add an \(x, y\) coordinate system. In principle the problem could be solved with any origin and directions for \(x\) and \(y\) but two of the following will lead to the simplest solution; can you choose them?

5 Diagrams indicating possible coordinate systems.