Problem 5-57 Translational Equil.- Part 3 - A

A sign outside a hair stylist's shop is suspended by two wires. The force of gravity on the sign has a magnitude of \(55.7\; N.\) If the angles between the wires and the horizontal are as shown in the figure, determine the magnitude of the tensions in the two wires.
[Ans. \(T_1 = 49.9\; N;\) \(T_2 = 40.8 \;N\)]

Diagram of sign suspended by two wires.

Accumulated Solution

Diagram of vectors with all directions and angles indicated.

\(a = 0\)


The acceleration is zero \((a = 0)\).

The condition to be applied is:

(A)    \(\sum F = ma\)

(B)   \(\sum F = 0\)

(C)   \(\sum F_x = 0,\) \(\sum F_y = 0\)