Problem 7-23 Work - Part 2 - C

A girl pulls a toboggan of mass \(4.81 \;kg\) up a hill inclined at \(25.7^\circ\) to the horizontal. The vertical height of the hill is \(27.3 \;m\). Neglecting friction between the toboggan and the snow, determine how much work the girl must do on the toboggan to pull it at constant velocity up the hill. [Ans. \(1.29\times 10^3\; J\)]

Accumulated Solution

FBD indicating all forces and directions.


\(F = mg \sin \theta\)

The distance the toboggan moves under the influence of the force \(F\) is given by:

(A)   \(d = h \sin \theta\)

(B)   \(d = h/ \sin \theta\)

(C)   \(d = h \cos \theta\)