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Postdoctoral Fellows

In the Dutcher lab, there are excellent opportunities for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows to lead multidisciplinary research projects involving the study of polymers, biopolymers and bacterial cells at surfaces. I guarantee exciting, leading-edge research projects with high visibility and opportunities to present results at international scientific meetings and interact with leading researchers around the world, as well as opportunities to interact with industrial researchers and experience how polymers, biopolymers and bacterial cells are studied in an industrial environment.

Postdoctoral fellows have joined us from Penn State, the University of North Carolina, the University of Freiburg, the University of Grenoble, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, the University of Navarra, Jilin University and the National Academy of Sciences in Belarus. Our students and postdoctoral fellows have gone on to faculty positions at major universities (James Forrest at Waterloo, Kari Dalnoki-Veress at McMaster, Ahmed Touhami at the University of Texas, Virginia Vadillo-Rodriguez at the University of Extremadura, Chris Murray at Lakehead, Thamara Laredo at Lakehead, and Christian Gigault at Ottawa) and hi-tech companies (Chris Murray at Monteco, Oleh Tanchak at Iogen, Oleg Stukalov at Mirexus Biotechnologies, Scott Allen at eBiz Professionals and Christian Gigault at JDS Uniphase).

For additional information, please check out the links below, where I have attempted to answer some of the more common questions from prospective postdoctoral fellows. If you have other questions or would like to receive more information, please contact me directly.

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