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1. A wave has equation y=4sin(3pt - 6px) (SI units).
(a) Is the wave travelling to the right or left?
(b) What is the amplitude, period, wavelength, wave vextor, frequency, angualr frequency (all with units)?
(c) Sketch a graph of this wave at 0.900 s.
(d) Sketch a graph of the displacement vs. time at a position x = 0.400 m.

2. The incident wave in problem 1 and the reflected wave y= -4sin(3pt + 6px) produce a standing wave.
(a) Write the equation of the standing wave.
(b) Sketch the standing wave at t=0 s, t = T/4 s, t = 3/15 T.

3. An incident wave y= -4sin(3pt - 6px) and a reflected wave y= 4sin(3pt + 6px) produce a standing wave. What is its equation?

4. A standing wave of the equation y = -6cos(6t)sin(4x) is formed from a reflected wave moving to the right, and an incident wave moving to the left. What are the equations of the incident and reflected waves?

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