Rotation energies are the lowest and therefore, from  l = hc/E (E = hc/  l) involve the longest wavelength, i.e., 5.0 mm.

Electronic energies are the highest and therefore involve the shortest wavelength, i.e., 500 nm.

The vibrational energies are in between as are the wavelengths, i.e., 5.0 mm.

Since E1/E2 l2 l1 (from the above equation).

Then Er/Ee = 500X10-9/5.0X10-3 = 10-4
Ev/Ee = 500X10-9/5.0X10-6 = 10-1
Er/Ev = 5.0X10-6/5.0X10-3 = 10-3

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