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1. Sketch the lowest frequency resonance possible in each of the following:




2. Sketch the next highest frequency in each of the above cases.

3. If the velocity of the sound in the air in the tubes is 340 m/s, and each of the above tubes is 1.00 m long, find the resonance frequency in each case a, b, and c in problems 1 and 2.

4. A tuning fork is set up near the end of an air filled tube of variable length as shown. By changing the length, various positions of maximum loudness (resonances) can be found. The difference in tube length between adjacent maxima is found to be 10.0 cm.

(a) What is the wavelength in air of this sound?
(b) What is the frequency of the tuning fork (v = 340 m/s)?
(c) Would closing the right hand end of the tube change the 10.0 cm measurement?

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