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1. Find the intensity level of sound with the following intensities.

(a) 6.84X10-6 W/m2
(b) 45.6X10-14 W/m2

2. Find the intensity corresponding to the following:
(a) -18.0 db
(b) 118 db

3. Two sounds differ in intensity level by 105 db. What is the ratio of the intensities of the sounds?

4. What sound intensity level is produced when 3 identical loud speakers in a sound system are all switched on assuming that the intensity (W/m2) of each speaker alone is sufficient to produce an 80.0 db sound level. (Neglect interference effects.)

5. If a person's hearing threshold is 0 db at 1000 Hz, which of the following is a reasonable value for the threshold at 9000 Hz? Note this is not a problem. It is a test of your knowledge of the hearing curve.

(a) -10 db
(b) 0 db
(c) 10 db
(d) 20 db
(e) 130 db

6. At approximately what frequency does an average person have the best hearing?

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