First find the electrical force.
As before F = qE = 1.6X10-19 X 100 = 1.6X10-17 N

We must find the mass of the Cl ion. We know that Avogadro's number of atoms has a mass of 35 gm or 0.035 kg.
Therefore the mass of one Cl atom = 0.035/6.02X1023 = 5.8X10-26 kg.
Weight = mg = 5.8X10-26 X 9.8 = 5.7X10-25 N
Ratio = Fe/Fg = 1.6X10-17/5.7X10-25 = 2.8X107

Electrical forces are much stronger than gravitational forces. We are usually not aware of them because normal matter is electrically neutral.

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